Dakota Signature Meats was recommended to us by a group of our members who participate in our annual member/guest invitational. Our members and guests experienced the "WOW" factor of Dakota's finest.

Two meals featured their top notch offerings - Ribs & Pulled Pork for one outing, Prime Rib for another.  Members AND guests agreed the meats were some of the best they've ever had and helped make the food for our 3 day event match the first class service, golf, and competition of the event.  We look forward to continued offerings from Dakota Signature Meats throughout the season and a return to next year's event as well!  Thank you!! 

        -Steph Hamilton - Clubhouse Manager - Burl Oaks Golf Club

          Minnetrista, MN


We've been working with Dakota Signature Meats for several years. Michael explained everything to us to make our first purchase. We were so impressed with his service, quality, and taste of the meat that we have been repeat customers.


My husband is very finicky about the quality of lamb, so he is very happy to have found stellar local lamb. That chislic, WOW! The whole team at Dakota Signature Meats is pleasant and wonderful to work with, you will not be disappointed!

     -Craig & Rhonda Lindes (Sioux Falls, SD)

My husband and I feel it is important to be proactive when it comes to our health.  We eat 'clean' and stay away from ingredients we cannot pronounce.  About a year ago we spotted a Classified Ad in the Argus for Non-GMO beef.  A few hours later, despite being 123 miles apart, we met Michael Fast and had a cooler of beef samples and a gallon-sized bag of what he feeds his Non-GMO cattle.  We have never met anyone that takes such pride in his livestock from start to finish.  Dakota Signature Meats is just what it means: South Dakota pride, and the signature of Michael Fast who stands behind the quality and taste!

               - Susan Froschheuser (Sioux Falls, SD)

Dakota Signature Meats raises the best tasting beef I've ever had!  The Fast Family feeds their beef a perfect balance of Non-GMO alfalfa and grains resulting in a delicious and healthy product!

I grew up eating grass-fed beef from a family friend's ranch in Western South Dakota.  But for years I haven't been able to find good beef until now.  Dakota Signature beef is an incredible value, packed full of clean nutrition and taste!

          -Christian (Sioux Falls, SD)

In addition to the quality of meat I have to mention visiting your farm and seeing how much pride goes into cleanliness, care of the cattle and focus on a high quality product for your customer’s shows greatly.  I was very impressed with your operation. You have a customer for life and thank you again !

          -Sean & Katie Haines (Forest Lake, MN)

We served our ten hunting guests Dakota Signature Meat's sirloins and ribeyes on the grill last night.  They were the best steaks we have had.  That ribeye would be $75 in Downtown Minneapolis, and still not as good as the Fast family's meat.

          -Jon Heidorn (Orono, MN)

High quality beef, consistent quality, and great customer service are the three main things that we look for when we opened Dakota BBQ in Custer, SD.


We found all 3 from day 1 with Dakota Signature Meats. Our business is to provide high quality meat every day in our restaurant, and quality is what we get with Dakota Signature Meats. 

          -Dakota BBQ, Mike & Elena (Custer, SD)

We are always looking for the best beef possible.

Upon recommendation we decided to try out of state and purchased a beef from Wayne Fast in South Dakota.  Wayne delivered our beef to Country Butcher Store in Iroquois for processing.  We traveled 650 miles to pick it up.   It has all proven to be worth every mile.  Excellent!

All our friends, here in Denver, want in on the next purchase!

          -Dan & Jody Drake (Denver, CO)

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