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Best NON-GMO Meat in the Midwest!

 -Prime Grade-

-Processed And Delivered To Your Door-

- Beef, Pork, & Lamb from Start to Finish-

Fast Farms LLC is a family owned and operated business in East Central South Dakota raising quality beef. We raise Non-GMO corn, alfalfa, silage, and hay.  We do not treat our beef with any added hormones. Our vision is to bring quality beef to the consumer which has led us to establish Dakota Signature Meats.

We have long known that great tasting beef doesn’t come from great grillin’ and cookin’, it comes from high quality cattle. If you start with great stock, you will get a great steak, burger, and roast. You don’t need seasonings or marinades to make our beef taste great, it just naturally tastes that way.

Our beef is Beef Quality Assurance certified and USDA inspected to ensure that the consumer is getting the best. It is proven to be tender, mouth-watering, and full of flavor time after time. Your beef is hand selected based on appearance, size, number of days on correct diet, and manner.

We take pride in the humane treatment of our cattle. The cattle are calm and welcome the feed wagon each and every morning! By reducing stress on cattle, the consumer will be treated to a tender and juicy meal sure to satisfy your appetite!

We hope you enjoy our Non-GMO fed beef.



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